Coleman Comfortsmart Deluxe Cot Review

Coleman Comfortsmart Deluxe Cot Review

At the forefront of reliable camping products and special outliers in the camping cots field, Coleman have really outdone themselves with their Comfortsmart Deluxe Cot. This camping cot model has been well received by both aged campers and those new to the camping experience. Some hallow it as the best camping cot they’ve ever had.

If we’re honest with ourselves, we’ve all experienced a night at some point in our lives sleeping in less than perfect comfort. It’s not a pleasant thing to endure, and it can really affect how we feel the following day. That’s why choosing a decent camping cot is so important.

Camping cots allow their owners to sleep lifted up off the ground – a big step up (literally) from air mattresses or roll-out foam mattresses.

Comfortsmart Deluxe Cot

Being further off the ground means you get less cold during the night, which makes for a more comfortable sleeping experience.

Understandably, those that are searching for a good camping cot want to know that it’s not only going to provide them with a good night’s sleep, but that it’s going to be durable and last them for many years of adventures.

We’ve scoured the best camping cot reviews on the internet to bring to you this conclusion: The Coleman Comfortsmart Deluxe Cot is amazing, here’s why…

What We Like

With its utterly comfort focused approach in design, the Coleman Comfortsmart Deluxe cot has an impressively thick mattress.

The comfort enhancing spring coils suspension on the inside of the mattress’ foam creates a truly camping “bed” like feeling, with the extra thickness of the mattress also helping to shield sleepers from cool ground air beneath it.

Even picky users who are particular about their sleeping conditions found that the mattress was acceptable (with one user even comparing it their memory foam mattress at home!).

Now we probably wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s actually like memory foam, but it’s close.

In addition to being large depth wise, this cot is also very wide. People, especially taller owners, have expressed their delight at not having to curl up on their sleeping cot when they purchased this model.

It’s almost large enough to be a double cot!

Black camping cot

Its pure luxury focused design is clearly a huge plus for buyers, especially for those who enjoy going ‘glamping’.

But superior comfort is not all this Coleman model has going for it, there are two very important features that help to complete the full cot package. These are:


The reviews of this product repeatedly praise the high quality nature of both the frame and the mattress. If maximizing your investment (getting the most time out of one cot as you can) is important to you then you may want to take a good look at the Coleman Comfortsmart Deluxe.

Comfort smart deluxe cot

Although branded as a luxury camping cot, the materials of this cot have been created to handle even the most rugged outdoor conditions.

The strong nature of the steel frame ensure that it won’t break easily.

Seeing as a broken camping cot can be such a hassle when you’re in the wild, we think the durability and strength of the Coleman Comfortsmart Deluxe is a huge factor in its favor.

Good Customer Service

Despite the strength of the frame and the high quality materials used in the mattress construction, there is still the possibility that something could go wrong with even the best camp cot.

It’s an added bonus to know that, according to more than one of their customers, the Coleman brand is very reliable for good customer service. A particular customer we looked at said that they received a new cot within mere days of reporting a malfunction.

What We Don’t Like

As has probably become quite clear over the course of this review, this cot is a bit of an ‘upper market’ product. As such, it has a correspondingly higher price tag than other cots. For those who can afford it it’s a worthwhile investment, but we still don’t have to like that it has a high price.

In addition to the high price negative, this cot is also physically quite heavy which makes it non-ideal for those moving from one campsite to another often (e.g. for overnight tramping expeditions).

The 300lb weight shouldn’t be a problem for regular camping trips though, and the folding cot dimensions are very reasonable for transport. It’s probably one of the best folding beds out there for camp use.

The final negative about this cot was also listed as a positive, because it really depends on the users as to whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. The aspect we’re talking about is size. If you are a large person, then the wide size of the cot may be a blessing.

If, however you are of shorter or leaner stature and have a smaller tent to boot, then the large dimensions of this cot may be obtrusive to you and it shouldn’t be considered one of the best cots for tent camping in that case.

Buying Advice

As usual, Amazon is a good bet for getting a fair price on an item. The Coleman Comfortsmart Deluxe is even being sold with a 1 year warranty on the site at the moment.

Although the $70 price range that this model of cot falls into is rather expensive, we definitely think it’s worth the investment for those who are happy to spend a little more cash in exchange for quality.

Camping cot at home


Coleman has selected a few key points to emphasize and capitalize on in this camping cot’s design. Fortunately, they’ve chosen elements that are truly worthwhile focus points in a camping cot – durability and comfort.

Really, you’d be hard pressed to find a camping cot that will give you a better night’s sleep or a longer lifespan.


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