Byer Of Maine Easy Cot Camping Cot Review

Byer Of Maine Easy Cot Camping Cot Review

If you love camping but strongly dislike sleeping on the uncomfortable ground, then you’re probably in the market for a decent camping cot. Today I’ll review what is in our opinion one of the best camping cots available for people to use on their explorative adventures.

In truth, the Easy Cot from Byer of Maine is a cot so simple and practical that you simply can’t go wrong with it. If you’re used to being out camping and coming home to your tent after a big day of hiking, cooking and gathering firewood you’ll know that all you want is a dry, comfortable place to sleep that is simple to deal with.

The Easy Cot is known to be very low energy to setup and is still comfortable enough to let you completely recharge your batteries as you sleep at night.

Below we’ve covered the important aspects that you should be aware of it you’re considering buying this cot. We aim to be unbiased and have included a few cons for you to think about at the bottom as well. Overall though, this is quite simply an awesome cot.

Introducing The Byer Of Maine Easy Cot Camping Cot

  • Color: Tan and blue
  • Unfolded size: 18.1” x 31.1” x 78”
  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Frame: Steel
  • Material: 600D polyester
  • Maximum weight capacity: 325 pounds
Blue easy cot

The Easy Cot stays true to its name as it is incredibly easy to setup and to pack away afterwards. The cot is full-sized and will fit a grown adult comfortably, though its ease of use does recommend it to the children’s camping market as well.

The cot can simply be removed from its custom carry bag (comes with purchase) and opened up. The 31.1” of width will fit well into most tents and there are no loose parts to leave lying around taking up your valuable tent floor space.

Made with strong welded steel legs and a 600 denier polyester fabric covering, the Easy Cot is a very durable option that will last avid campers for many years.

What We Like

We really can’t say enough good things about the Easy Cot. Considering that it only takes about half a minute to setup and can comfortably support a full grown adult male – there’s not a lot left wanting.

Folded portable easy cot

The raised nature of the Easy Cot makes it far better than any air mattress in terms of protection from ground cold, and it is also a lot more convenient to hop into something that’s the same height as a regular bed.

Most owners of this cot like to take full advantage of the simplicity it offers and so they don’t even use a mattress pad on top of it. Instead of review says they just double over a blanket and sleep on that, so easy!

Due to its minimalist nature, there’s not a lot that can go wrong with this cot, and reviewers say that it has lasted them very well. Many other camping cots sag in the middle after much use, but the Easy Cot does not seem to have that problem which is a massive positive for it.

Even those recent buyers who have never setup a camping cot before found it to be a simple item to use. So, we’d definitely recommend this cot to anyone new to camping cots.

To summarize, here’s what we love about the Easy Cot:

  • It's extra width for stretching out
  • It's length being large enough for taller adults
  • Its ability to be made more comfortable with a simply blanket or mattress on top
  • It’s ease of setup and pack down

What We Don't Like

The Easy Cot has definitely been well tailored for the minimalist or beginners camping group. If, however, you’re looking for something with a little more comfort then this may not be the cot for you. It is basically just a frame with some fabric thrown across it’s top.

Despite its simplicity the steel frame of the cot does make it rather heavy and awkward to carry. Thus, it is still a perfect cot for car camping but is definitely not a great option for those who want to go overnight hiking trips.

Like seriously, we challenge you to try carrying the heavy weight of this 25 pound cot around in your back pack for a day. In addition to being quite heavy itself this camping cot cannot support a ridiculously heavy weight. There are cots on the market that can support up to 600 pounds but the Easy Cot can only support about half of that.

Of course, the weight support will not be a problem for most people, but if you are used to squishing two people on one camping cot then this isn’t the cot for you. Also, for those likely to heavy items on top of their cots during the day (many of my friends use camping cots like shelves) then the weight limit should be kept in mind.

The Easy Cot is best used by single children or adults on car transported camping trips. So long as those are the parameters, this cot is fantastic.

Buyers Guide

This is understandably a very high-in-demand item as it suits families of campers so well. If you’re looking to buy it then your best port of call if probably Amazon.

With such a huge competitive market on the internet Amazon is forced to keep its prices as some of the lowest on the market.

As such, the Easy Cot is at the time of this review being sold for only around $80! Now that’s cheap for a decent quality cot!

Easy cot and bag


We think you’ll agree that the Easy Cot Camping Cot from Byer of Maine is one of the best camping cots on the market. Made from trustworthy materials and backed by a known brand in the industry, we’d have to say it lives up to its reputation on all sides.


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